Plant processing isn’t that complex at all. With handy tools like shredders, it’s easier than ever. However, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and vary in the way they shred.  Therefore, it’s crucial that you choose a device based on your needs and personal preferences.

Few aspects to take into account:

  • Material & build: High-grade material options are available to provide durability and an efficient performance
  • Size: Yes, there are portable options as well, and it can fit your pocket or purse.
  • Shredding ability: Fine or course?
  • Brand: Reputation of a brand matters, because it is directly related to the quality they deliver.
  • Multiple piece tools: There are two, three, or even more piece devices, so have good knowledge about them.

With SharpStone Shredders, you don’t have to worry about the brand and performance ability of the device. It is one of the most loved brands that have created a special niche in the plant processing tools and accessories.

The size factor

Shredders can range in size from mini or compact, to large. Before buying, you must consider what could be the most valuable accessory to suit your needs. If searching for a portable option, on the go compact types ranging from mini to small should come handy.

Medium or large can be good to keep at home or large scale shredding.


There could be several options, but metal one, especially the one made of metal will be durable and reliable. Purchasing SharpStone shredders ensures that the tool is made from a high-grade aluminum. However, it would be a little costlier than a cheaper, weak tool.  

Multiple piece shredders

From two-piece units to multiple-piece units, you can have many options. While two-piece ones are simple, they are the least functional. SharpStone carries several options at highly reasonable prices.