Plant and derivatives can be used in multiple ways for medicinal and even cosmetic purposes. One of the most popular ways to use them is by making tinctures. To help with the process, there are presses to let it done efficiently. There can be light duty as well as heavy duty presses to help with the process. However, times have changed and you can now take advantage of the compact technology while maintaining higher efficiency.

The tincture press is an efficient machine that is used for pressing or compressing plants and flowers while processing. It helps in making tinctures and glycerites. When pressed, the color of the tincture changes. This happens due to the constituents trapped in the plant that are otherwise not visible. After pressing, the tincture can be used in the medicine. Pressing is also important to increase the potency of the final tincture, which is of more medicinal value.

SharpStone presses make for highly efficient and affordable tools that can be very helpful for getting the most out of plants.

Presses by SharpStone are revolutionary tools which transform the way one presses materials. These are compact and light presses that allow simple use. Just put the sample in the chamber and place the cover pin and screw the lid closely. It works well and helps you get the desired material.

SharpStone manufactures some of the finest presses out there. It’s built with quality in mind so they are made with aircraft grade aluminum.

The presses are simple, easy and intuitive to set up, control and use. It’s:

  • Intelligent with time and temperature presets and wireless control offering automated precision.
  • Effective in obtaining maximum potency required.
  • Clean and mess free.
  • Cost-efficient.

SharpStone presses are the best tools in the market, offering features that you would need at an affordable package.