Sharpstone Classic (3.0" Inch) Hard Top Shredder - 4pc, X-Large, Silver

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Authentic Sharpstone® Classic (3.0" Inch) Hard Top Shredder - 4pc, X-Large, Silver.

If you shred material quite often, this one is for you.
Sharpstone is known for manufacturing the highest quality shredders and accessories. Every Sharpstone Shredder has quality in mind so they are made with top of the line aircraft grade aluminum! Sharpstone Shredders are the best selling shredders available on the market because of their amazing product range, awesome quality, and great prices!
Sharpstone products are so successful that there are many sellers offering imitations. By purchasing directly from us, you ensure to only get 100% Authentic Sharpstone products!
This Sharpstone Shredder includes a free Sharpstone Pouch and a free Sharpstone Scraper!
Spially designed by highly sophisticated CNC machines, which utilize the latest technology in processing and shaping aluminum, providing more superior shredders with practically a zero flaw rate!
Contains a special poly O ring which makes shredding even easier because of the lack of friction and also protects against metal shavings.
Two superstrong neodymium magnets are used to keep a nice and tight closure.
Sharpstone Shredders do away with the old fashioned, and obsolete procedure of shredding material. Instead of taking minutes, a shredder will make the process only take a couple seconds!
All Sharpstone Shredders have specially designed lightning style diamond cut razor sharp teeth to shred with great efficiency and ease. The holes the material goes though have a special design as well. Everything about any Sharpstone product has had years of research and development to come to their final products.
This Sharpstone Shredder also does a spectacular job at catching and storing finer material in its last chamber. This contains a stainless steel micro mesh screen which allows only fine material to fall through.
Once you have enough fine material in the fourth chamber of this Sharpstone Shredder, you can use the included and very convenient Sharpstone Scraper to collect this fine material.
You will really love how this Sharpstone Shredder feels in your hands because it provides a great grip, shreds with such ease, and feels extremely smooth.
The SharpStone Pouch that is included is made of high