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When it comes to processing plant material, SharpStone has been the foremost technology expert in high quality accessories. We are well known for our outstanding selection of high end shredders, presses, and accessories for individual and industrial use. Everyone knows the name SharpStone.

To make plant material processing easier, SharpStone offers one-of-a-kind marketplace where you can find all the latest shredders, presses, and accessories that can make shredding and pressing utterly convenient. Our online inventory features a wide range of shredders, presses and accessories to meet individual needs.

All SharpStone products have been manufactured to offer high reliability and durability. Our light duty presses use high grade aluminum and our heavy duty presses use high grade steel.
As the world of plant material processing is changing to cater to the increasing demands around pure plant concentrates and extracts, users are in search for a reliable place where they can purchase high quality instruments and high quality equipment for individual and commercial use. SharpStone.com happens to be the right place for these users who want all plant processing accessories at one place and within a reasonable price range.

Our SharpStone Shredders have been built with modern techniques to offer high torque and throughput along with super sharp teeth. We are the leaders in the industry. Our shredders can effectively process plant products more efficiently. Some of the models are so compact that they can even be carried along.

SharpStone Presses are highly innovative equipment that works so smooth and have a revolutionary impact on operations. Apart from that, our service experts are always at your service to resolve your queries and help you choose the best products for your needs.
We also offer wholesale and drop shipping on all our products.  Please note that the colored versions that are not listed on the website are available only for wholesale at this time.