The increasing use of botanicals means shredders are immensely important. Demand has increased which has flooded the market with a variety of shredders and accessories. However, knowledgeable users know, not all shredders are created equal. Users do not want to waste their money on a low-quality product.

SharpStone is the leading name for the best shredders. SharpStone Shredders are quality madeand give users more confidence on their purchases.

SharpStone as a manufacturer leads with innovation, creating more advanced products for consumers.  A new version of SharpStoneShredder, the SharpStone Hard Top Shredder2.0, has very significant design improvements.

This shredder is for users who are looking for something new that can do an excellentjob more quickly. This shredder offers more control over production and comes in varietyof capacities.  The SharpStone Hard Top Shredder 2.0 comes in a large size that will shred larger volumes much faster.


Better Grip

This shredder has an essential feature, better grip. Users know that a better grip means less force required for shredding and an easier process.  A better grip results in quicker gain with no pain.

Finest Quality

The SharpStone Hard Top Shredder 2.0 is made with the best material, aircraft grade aluminum, which ensures durability and a consistent performance.   It is also super easy to clean and maintain.

Quality shredders get a lot of use and Sharp Stone shredders are quality well worth the investment.

SharpStone Shredders have no match to their efficiency. These shredders are designed and manufactured by advanced CNC machines with the latest technology, providing superior shredding with a zero-flaw rate. SharpStone shredders are posh and come with a SharpStone Scraper complementary SharpStone Pouch.