Shredders are not that complex. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and differ in ways they create fine material out of plants and botanicals.

When considering a shredder, there are a few details to consider so you get the one that fits your needs. Let’s have a look at the key details:

Material and Build

Shredders are made of various materials. SharpStone shredders are made from aircraft grade aluminum. Shredders made from aircraft grade aluminum are the best and most durable and are easy to maintain.


When considering what size shredder will work for you, consider whether you need something portable that can fit your pocket, or something else. If you travel frequently, consider size with utmost importance. Shredders range in size from mini (travel size)to extra-large. If searching for the best a portable option, go for a mini or small size shredder.

If your shredder will be stationary at home, then medium, large, or even extra-large are all options. Extra-large shredders are good for heavy-duty use to prepare copious quantities of plant material.

Multiple Piece Shredders

There are two, three and even four-piece shredders that offer ease of use. Consider that four-piece are efficient but may not fit in your pocket.


Operating your shredder should be easy. However, easy should not mean sacrificing quality shredding. An easy-to-use shredder should also provide a consistently fine.

The Brand

SharpStone Brand shredders are durable, efficient and offer the best output. The SharpStone Band is the best brand for all your shredding needs.

SharpStone is the one stop destination for all sorts of Shredders.