The world of shredders is vast and versatile. There are 4-piece models that tend to dominate the market, but there are certainly a majority of users who rely on their 2-piece units.

Obviously, both versions have their own benefits for users and have their separate fan base. Let鈥檚 know a little bit more about them.

2-Piece Shredders:

The 2-piece shredders are straight up old school, gets the job done, but with perhaps a little more efforts required for shredding. Obviously, this is the original version of the shredder and smaller. So, it鈥檚 more compact than the advanced versions with just two subsequent parts and one opening. An average user can make the best pick with SharpStone 2-piece shredders.

It has top and bottom pieces with teeth, but none with any exit holes for the final product. Therefore, you have to work a little harder to release the final material. The stickier material will get you to work even harder.

4-Piece Shredders:

An enhanced version of the smaller one, 4-piece shredders boast of advanced technology and its complexity with a 4-piece set-up. The first two pieces comprise of top lid and lower, inner plate. The lower plate also features a small hole inside amidst the teeth to get rid of the debris, and underneath there鈥檚 a screen to catch and hold the final product. It鈥檚 a complex version, with easy to understand set-up that makes work easy.

Both the versions have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, it all depends on you and how convenient you feel while using the device. Of course, 4-piece versions are more advanced and offer convenience over the 2-piece devices that require you to work a little harder.

SharpStone offers highly advanced and robust shredders in different versions. Undoubtedly, the maker is acknowledged for some of the finest products on the market.