There are a lot of fake SharpStone庐 Shredders and presses on the internet and locally in the US. These knockoff products are of poor quality and occasionally come with metal shavings (a potential health hazard) and many other issues. Read our guide to find out how to identify genuine SharpStone aluminum Shredders and presses as well as where to buy them.


  1. Look at the logo! The counterfeit shredders displayed have several issues. First, SharpStone no longer uses the 鈩 symbol on their grinders! Since SharpStone is now a registered trademark, all new genuine SharpStone grinders will display the 庐 symbol (many old ones from years ago that are real still have the 鈩 symbol). On some presses, this rule does not, however, hold true. The T-Shaped Heavy Duty Presses will have a 庐 symbol in place of the TM symbol found on Light Duty Presses. The white logo on the fake shredder in the first image is the second issue. On any of their non-clear top shredders, SharpStone DOES NOT USE ANY WHITE LETTERING. Typically, lettering and logos will just be a lighter color for the Shredders/Presses.
  2. Verify the Color! Many of the fake SharpStone Shredders have anodizing that isn't even a color that SharpStone makes. Only Black, Silver, Copper, or Light Blue can be produced using the reeling crank handle. The following colors are available for additional SharpStone Shredders and Presses: Black, Silver, Copper (Brown), Light Blue (Blue), Grey, Red (Burgundy), Purple, Pewter (Green), or Pink. Although most retailers use the other color name, the colors listed in parenthesis are what are labelled on the brown cardboard box. If your product is a different color than what is specified, it might be a fake but this isn鈥檛 always the case because we have made certain colors for certain distributors.
  3. Examine the fit and finish! High-quality SharpStone Shredders and Presses are available! A fake SharpStone庐 will never have the teeth rubbing against each other or have metal shavings in the shredding chamber. If your shredder has a reeling handle (crank top), you should anticipate that the handle will be solid and won't sway.
  4. Check the pattern of the holes! Take note of the fake shredder鈥檚 lack of holes. The fake grinder will frequently clog because it has so few holes. The fake shredder鈥檚 holes are frequently much too large, allowing very large particles to pass through. The result is a chunky, ineffectively ground blend for the shredder鈥檚 user!

To buy authentic SharpStone products you can always visit the official SharpStone website.聽聽

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