The world of plants is amazing. They not only release oxygen to let the life flow, but also provide several medicinal compounds which are life-saving for humans.

Since ages humans have been using tinctures, extracted from some plants, as medicines. They can be taken orally to potentially provide relief from a wide range of health issues. Additionally, it also may provide crucial elements to support wellbeing.

Tinctures are extracted with the help of a solvent. In the extraction process, alcohol or water is used as a solvent. Alcohol is the most widely used solvent to extract active compounds from plants. The biggest help in the process is a press that makes things easier. A SharpStone press is the best choice that makes extraction effortless.

Tinctures can be easily made at home with readily available alcohol and plants. Dried or fresh plant materials can be used for the process.

High-strength tinctures are made to more exacting standards where precise measurement of plant material and volume of alcohol is required to maintain standardization. The method is quite popular among professionals who produce tinctures in larger volumes.


Heavy-duty presses are highly effective in extracting as much liquid as possible. As the modern life demands more potent versions, professionals use standardized methods for extraction. Changehas happened in past few years, where professionals have started using presses for easy extraction.

In today鈥檚 world, tinctures are an easy way to use medical compounds of plants. Additionally, tinctures also have a long shelf life that benefits both manufacturers as well as consumers. They are also simple to take.

Consumers must note that tinctures cost a little more because of the solvent and extra steps used to produce them. However, presses provide the much-needed convenience in extraction.


There is heavy duty as well as light duty presses to allow easy extraction of tinctures, oils and other useful products from plants. While heavy-duty presses are used for large scale production by professionals, light-duty presses are good for home extraction.

SharpStone pressesinclude both light-duty and heavy-duty presses to meet demands received from all types of users. The brand is known for some of the best presses on the market for commercial and personal use.

Being made of high-quality materials using advanced technology, presses ensure a consistent performance even after several years of use.