Getting started in the market for no-solvent extraction is easier than ever. Knowing what features make the best presses is the first step. In choosing your press, consider the product quality, its output capabilities, and your needs.

Before beginning, you must understand the purpose of the press, which is to help you extract the purest active compounds from plants, leaves, and botanicals. Not all presses are created equal so comparisons should be based on essential details.

  • Pressure Capacity
  • Pneumatic, Hydraulic or Manual Delivery
  • Temperature Range: Hot or Cold Press
  • Type of Controls
  • Plates: Material, Size and Shape
  • Processing Capacity

Consider the pressure capacity and delivery system. Presses with optimal pressure options coupled with the best delivery system will yield high-quality extractions. 

Delivery systems are either pneumatic, hydraulic, or manual and your level of production will impact your choice of delivery system.

Temperature range is also an important feature to consider. The range varies for cold and hot pressing. Knowing the ideal temperature for the extractions you want to make will determine whether a hot or cold press is the best one for your needs.

Plate shape and size matters. Presses with low-quality plates can inhibit the quality of the extracted compounds. Equitable heat distribution provides a better extraction process. SharpStone presses are very high-quality and known for having the best features no solvent extractions.